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My Hobbies Are My Interests

| Perspective

A comment about my site's purpose got me thinking about how my active interests formed.

Getting ISO Time with Python Datetime

(Edited ) | Programming Python

Garnished with a side of Dateutil and Pyperclip

How Does One Write?

(Edited ) | Perspective Writing

Writing a blogpost is not as easy as writing what you're interested in; at least to me.

Sorting the Library

(Edited ) | Organization Technology

Continuing my digital organization, I tackle how my bookmarks are organized.

Cleaning the Mailboxes

(Edited ) | Organization Technology

I've been working on improving my digital organization as of late, something which I've felt has been lacking for quite some time.

Computation Induced Exhaustion: The Impact of Computers

(Edited ) | Technology

Despite how important computers are, they're a bit of a problem for our climate.

Taking Another Angle on the Sn0wy-Verse

(Edited ) | Mythos

Rethinking how the Imagisphere is referred to in Sn0wy.


(Edited ) | Perspective

Today is my birthday, and with it I want to think about what's ahead.

Some Thoughts on "Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk"

(Edited ) | Game-Design Review

Shortened to "Milk inside a bag of milk" for all our sakes.

Facing Creative Road-Blocks

(Edited ) | Perspective

I find myself not working on the things I really want to. This blog-post is me pointing out the reasons why.

Ignore the JAM, Focus on the Bread: A Look at Streamlining Web Development

(Edited ) | Web-Design Programming

Today I'll teach you how to bake a loaf of whole wheat bread without any mention of strawberry jam.

Hello, World!

(Edited ) | Perspective

We all need to start from somewhere...