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Privacy Policy

I could say that this site doesn't collect any user data (which it doesn't, at all), but we both know it's more complicated than that. If the extrernally hosted services you're using aren't GDPR compliant, neither are you. For the services this site does use, the general rule of thumb I've taken has been "prioritize user privacy within reason." That means if there's an approach to protect a users privacy while still providing the desired content, I'll take it.

The following is a list of services used, how they're mitigated if possible, and their respective privacy policies. Keep in mind that while this site does use some fonts from the Google Fonts library, that service's privacy policy is not included because directly linking to its API has been avoided.


This site is hosted on Neocities.


This site embeds Soundcloud tracks in some pages.


This site uses lite-youtube-embed to provide YouTube embeds in some pages. A special thank you to Sia Karamalegos for their article "Faster YouTube embeds in Eleventy," and to Bryce Wray for mentioning them in his Privacy Policy.