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I like to bookmark many of the pages I find across the internet. I find it lets me create my own personal search engine on pages that I've already visited, allowing me to skip hunting for them all over again. With that said, there are plenty of pages I've bookmarked that I've never gone back to look at. This leaves much of what I find neglected, gathering digital dust.

My purpose with this library then is to share the various pages I come across on the internet, rather than hording their URLs to myself. I owe a special thanks to Nicolas Hoizey for his bookmarklet that creates a new link page within a GitHub repository, as it has made this page a maintainable idea.

Earth’s story is not about dynasties but communities | Aeon Essays

Added | Perspective

We created the image of tyrannical dinosaurs ruling Earth. We can just as easily deconstruct it. The process requires returning to the mass extinction of the past, not looking for the victorious and the vanquished but considering how entire communities of living things change in the face of unimaginable disaster.

It's Okay for Art Like Oppenheimer to Make Us Uncomfortable

Added | Perspective Creative-Writing

This discomfort with the presentation of challenging ideas doesn’t just limit artists. It treats the audience as children incapable of grappling with complex concepts. It discounts the space that exists between the viewer and a piece of media, and the importance of letting the audience explore that space on their own terms. A viewer has the option of choosing whether they want to engage with such ideas — ratings and content warnings exist, after all — but the opportunity must exist.

How Sampling, Royalties, and Lawsuits Shape The AI Music Debate

Added | Sound-Design

In a way, artificial intelligence could become just as important a tool for music as the Mellotron, or the Akai MPC60, or Pro Tools. It’s disruptive and separates creators from money, and leads to situations where reaction through the courts is the only option. But on the other hand, we’ve been trying to solve for this exact problem since the player piano. Odds are, we’ll figure it out eventually.

It is art not apps that helps us with our complex feelings | Aeon Essays

Added | Perspective

Figuring ourselves out doesn’t need to begin and end with the self, or with the surveilling tools of mental wellness. It can just as easily start by looking at a painting.

Survey: 81% concerned about ChatGPT security and safety risks

Added | Perspective Technology

Our survey showed that an overwhelming number of respondents familiar with ChatGPT were concerned about the risks it poses to security and safety. They also don't trust the information it produces, and would like to see a pause in development so that regulation can catch up. What remains to be seen is whether this is simply a singular moment of anxiety or a trend that will persist.

Secrets of a $182 Billion Chip Maker: AMD's Labs | Full Documentary - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

This tour of AMD's Austin Headquarters features labs from around the sprawling campus, allowing us a never-before-seen look at the tools used by a hundred-billion dollar chip designer.

The Charm of Pikmin 1 Lies in How Un-Nintendo It Is

Added | Game-Design Perspective

...there’s a ton of charm in how understated Pikmin is. I wouldn’t say that of any of Nintendo’s other franchises. They usually have clear and defining tones and aesthetics and present themselves as friendly and approachable, while the original Pikmin just opts to be itself.

“the worst they can say is no” | MIT Admissions

Added | Perspective

Honestly, I still could be better at dealing with rejection; I don’t apply to jobs unless I’m extremely qualified for them, I get anxious over asking for things I want. But if I ever want to get to anywhere meaningful, I have to confront the risk of rejection.

ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks - The Verge

Added | Technology Perspective

After nearly two decades of fighting for this vision of the internet, the people who believed in federation feel like they’re finally going to win. The change they imagine still requires a lot of user education — and a lot of work to make this stuff work for users. But the fundamental shift, from platforms to protocols, appears to have momentum in a way it never has before.

Resistance | Art - YouTube

Added | Perspective

If you're making art that is actually pushing you, then you have to defeat resistance every day and it doesn't even necessarily get easier.

When JavaScript Fails

Added | Web-Design

Beyond being an good argument for reducing the amount of JavaScript that's being sent to users, this article also highlights the value of progressive enhancement and the rationale why JavaScript frameworks exist in their current form.

In terms of the experience we provide our users, it’s clear that pages that stall or simply don’t load at all 3% of the time is far worse than pages that refresh the browser window when you click on a link.

Checking on my Investment in Person - Framework Laptop Factory Tour - YouTube

Added | Engineering Technology

It's always interesting to see factory tours showing off how our devices are manufacured, and that sentiment remains true here. While in Taiwan, Linus got a chance to see how Compal, a ODM laptop manufacture, produces Framework's laptops while maintaining their commitment to sustainability.

Realistic Graphics Are Killing AAA Games - Extra Punctuation

Added | Game-Design Perspective

I got reminded of this after seeing an article from KitGuru on how the head of Xbox Game Studios claims that the length of development for AAA games “aren't two or three years anymore.”

As rendering technology continues to advance, graphics in video games can be more realistic than ever. We have lighting systems that can in real time create perfect reproductions of any physical environment at any time of day. A CG sequence of a celebrity performance can, to the casual glance, be indistinguishable from one being filmed in real life, although it might give you the creeps. Triple A video games are displaying unprecedented levels of visual fidelity. And it is fucking killing them.

Codename OpenPleb: A non-profit for open consumer motherboard and peripheral standards - Community - Level1Techs Forums

Added | Technology

OpenPleb is an organization founded around accessibility. OpenPleb wants to make the hardware you already own as accessible as possible for whatever software you want to run.

Understanding the Michael Bay Transformers Movies

Added | Creative-Writing Perspective

Spanning that decade from 2007 to 2017, Bay’s Transformers movies stretch across a Hollywood in transition from one mode of blockbuster filmmaking to another. They may represent the last time that a director with that distinct a style was granted that much power over that large a nostalgia property for such an extended period. They’re not great films. They aren’t even good films, but they are strangely important films.

Windows 10 Desktop — GMUNK

Added | Graphic-Design

In 2015, Windows evolved yet again with the release of Windows 10 - the final major release of Windows before it moved to quick-turn digital updates. To mark this evolution, we had the pleasure and honor of creating the Windows desktop as an icon - the kind people can shape as part of their own world.

Analogue Warmth

Added | Sound-Design Engineering

Analogue warmth seems to be the Holy Grail in these digital days. But what is it, why does it hold such appeal, and how can you use it to enhance your recordings?

There goes all my phone sponsorships… - YouTube

Added | Engineering

In his latest update video regarding new equipment for The Lab, Linus goes over the process and various other engineering details that go into building a proper faraday cage for EF testing.

Modular MEGA Case, Wooden Fractal North Competitor, & In Win Design Studio Tour - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

In their recent coverage of Computex 2023, Gamers Nexus got a unique chance to cover In Win's design studio. While part of the video is dedicated to the products being showcased at the time, it also highlights the efforts from the designers and artists behind the cases.

Everyone reports on new computer parts as they're announced, but the minute we walked past In Win's inspirational design centre on our way to the confrence room to cover the new products, we completely derailed the meeting and knew we had to shift the focus of our story to the people concepting, hand building, and prototyping the products right next door and cover their environment instead.

No, There Aren't Too Many Soulslike Games

Added | Game-Design

Time is a flat circle, and that applies to pretty much every art form. With video games becoming more and more complex (regardless of genre) and their history and toolboxes growing larger every day, the path forward is often in the past and littered with the rotting corpses of those who weren’t ace enough to get an SSS rating. Experimentation requires sacrifice.

The yaml document from hell

Added | Programming

Yaml aims to be a more human-friendly alternative to json, but with all of its features, it became such a complex format with so many bizarre and unexpected behaviors, that it is difficult for humans to predict how a given yaml document will parse.

How effective are TikTok misinformation debunking videos? | HKS Misinformation Review

Added | Perspective Research

TikTok has become an important medium, not simply for entertainment but also for conveying information, and this is particularly true among younger people. Hence, studying misinformation interventions on TikTok is necessary to work towards creating better information environments into the future.

Why Do We Quit So Many Video Games? - Design Delve

Added | Game-Design Perspective

We see more and more as the game industry grows a disease forming: an apathy, staring an infinate library of games but complaining of having nothing to play. But why does this happen? Why is it so difficult to start and then actually finish a game?

What's Continuing to Hold VR Game Design Back? - Design Delve

Added | Game-Design Accessibility

With all of the new insane advancements in virtual reality, it's a brave new world for designers to conqour. But something feels off about VR games. Regardless of budget, they don't quite stack up to the grandeur, comfort, or game feel of other more traditional experiences; and therein lies the problem with tradition.

BetterSAM: Software Automatic Mouth

Added | Tools

For those looking to easily get a quick sound bite from a certain violent robot, this page handles the job fairly well.

Enjoy of this code , its not 100% open-source but you can use it at your own risk.

Launch Day

Added | Perspective

At 52, I should be cooler. But to this day, launches are a tense matter. Launch day brings out both the sunniest optimist and the darkest pessimist.

The Science of Video Game Healing - Extra Punctuation

Added | Game-Design

...sooner or later a real life simulator rubs up against the one aspect of video games that will never, ever, be truly realistic. And that is healing. You can traumatize your art team by making them render a photorealistic bullet wound in a character’s once handsome face, but then they regenerate like the T-1000 after they swallow an entire bottle of ibuprofen and suddenly the whole futility of the exercise is laid bare.

This is an excuse to show you a really good tunnel - YouTube

Added | Engineering

The Catesby Tunnel, in the UK, is an old Victorian railway tunnel that has a new use: a secretive car testing facility, like a wind tunnel but in reverse.

Military bases removing names of Confederates - CBS News

Added | Perspective

While the report focuses primarily on U.S. Army stripping Confederate generals names from bases, I felt like much of the same perspectives can be applied to the removal of other colonial monuments throughout the world. If nothing else, the opening line puts the issue succinctly.

"What was gauling was that we would still, in this day and age, have names of bases that represented traitors who fought against their country for the purpose of slavery."

University of Waterloo OpenCS - Course Index

Added | Tools Programming

Whenever anyone mentions being interested in learning programming, I always point them towards the University of Waterloo's Open Computer Science site. This was the resource that taught me the basics of Python, HTML, and Javascript, and I've found it's been a good learning resource for others as well!

The ASUS Problem & Resolution: Buying Media, Warranties, & Improvements - YouTube

Added | Journalism

ASUS has responded to our prior concerns regarding its warranty. Finally, after a mixture of extended silence and conflict, the company has reworked its position to be more reasonable toward the consumer. In this video, we talk about ASUS' response to the Ryzen 7000 CPU VSOC problems, its commentary on purchasing 'positive reviews,' and we also bring an attorney on the show to provide legal insight and perspective to the situation.

You Didn’t Build your PC… This Did. - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

Building a computer is difficult and building a CPU is even tougher.. But building the machines that are used to make a CPU? It takes literally the most bonkers engineering and physics on the planet, and ASML were kind enough to show us how it all works.

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars – Eric Bailey

Added | Web-Design Accessibility

A good, albeit tough to swallow, read on keeping scrollbars accessible. Also see Eric's article on avoiding custom CSS cursors.

The web is an incredible medium, capable of creating beautiful, revolutionary, accessible experiences. There are countless ways to communicate these qualities in an accessible, inclusive way. All I am asking is to temper your excitement with the smallest bit of self-restraint.

Mis- and disinformation studies are too big to fail: Six suggestions for the field’s future | HKS Misinformation Review

Added | Perspective

On my attempt to look for the headlines Jreg flashed on the screen at the start of "Disinfo On The Rise!", I found this article which paints the referenced field of research in a more interesting light.

We do not want to suggest that the present state of the field is dismal. It isn’t. But to simply dismiss the critiques lobbied against it out of hand would not be responsible either.

As a sidenote, I'm now thinking that if somebody flashes a headline in a video, you need to ask for the URL.

More palatable palettes with OKLCH |

Added | Web-Design Programming

Momentum is building in Web Dev World for a relatively new CSS color model, OKLCH, that promises to take fuller advantage of both newer display types and the way our eyes really work. While it’ll be a good while before you can be almost certain a typical device/browser combo will support this color model, proper use of fallbacks will let you safely start using it now in your website.

Shake tables are way more complex than I thought - YouTube

Added | Engineering

At the University of California San Diego, there's the Shake Table: an earthquake simulator with the heaviest payload capacity in the world.

Artists must be allowed to make bad work - Austin Kleon

Added | Perspective

I've often though about how when it comes to modern game development, studios should be given more leniency for making flops. These quotes from David Sylvester seem to reaffirm that idea.

New ZIP domains spark debate among cybersecurity experts

Added | Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity researchers and IT admins have raised concerns over Google's new ZIP and MOV Internet domains, warning that threat actors could use them for phishing attacks and malware delivery.

A reluctant return to Twitter |

Added | Perspective

An insightful article that highlights some valid reasons why many can't leave existing social media platforms, let alone make their own.

...unless I’m prepared to live off the grid, I have to accept that rich, evil SOBs control many services and products I use and need. Twitter is only one example thereof. That is reality. I didn’t build it; I just inhabit it. Reluctantly.

pianobook – Every piano tells a story

Added | Tools Sound-Design

A fanastic resource for finding free sample libraries of various instruments, many of which can be used in Decent Sampler.

I bought two violins on the street! + FREE violin samples (Kontakt, Ableton, SFZ) - YouTube

Added | Sound-Design

Not only did David Hilowitz shed light on a forgotten violin maker in this video, he also openly shared the violin's sound with the world.

Time to move on from Nunjucks? |

Added | Programming

It may well be that, in time, WebC will become Eleventy’s most familiar templating language, taking the spot long held by Nunjucks. And that’s probably just as well, because Nunjucks is a project bearing the signs of neglect.