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Interested in knowing whenever I release something new? Consider bookmarking one of my Web Feeds! They're a great way to get caught up on what I do without having to subscribe to a newsletter.

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Web Feeds are an XML document that allows users to follow updates on content they consume on the web. While they can be consumed as a web page via browser extensions or developer support, they can also be used with a "newsreader" app to aggregate content from multiple sources at once. About Feeds contains more information about how they work if you're interested.

Each feed is also available in the JSON Feed format, which function similarly to their XML counterparts. The primary difference is the data format, which can be more easily utilized by developers. Simply swap out the .xml at the end of a feed's URL to .json to access them.

Latest Projects

Creations fresh from the oven, with some occasional developer commentary on top.

Latest Blogposts

Various thoughts, opinions, and discussions, coming hot off the presses.

Latest Updates

The most verbose feed, giving updates on both new projects and blogposts.