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The yaml document from hell

Added | Programming

Yaml aims to be a more human-friendly alternative to json, but with all of its features, it became such a complex format with so many bizarre and unexpected behaviors, that it is difficult for humans to predict how a given yaml document will parse.

University of Waterloo OpenCS - Course Index

Added | Tools Programming

Whenever anyone mentions being interested in learning programming, I always point them towards the University of Waterloo's Open Computer Science site. This was the resource that taught me the basics of Python, HTML, and Javascript, and I've found it's been a good learning resource for others as well!

More palatable palettes with OKLCH |

Added | Web-Design Programming

Momentum is building in Web Dev World for a relatively new CSS color model, OKLCH, that promises to take fuller advantage of both newer display types and the way our eyes really work. While it’ll be a good while before you can be almost certain a typical device/browser combo will support this color model, proper use of fallbacks will let you safely start using it now in your website.

Time to move on from Nunjucks? |

Added | Programming

It may well be that, in time, WebC will become Eleventy’s most familiar templating language, taking the spot long held by Nunjucks. And that’s probably just as well, because Nunjucks is a project bearing the signs of neglect.