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The Charm of Pikmin 1 Lies in How Un-Nintendo It Is

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...there’s a ton of charm in how understated Pikmin is. I wouldn’t say that of any of Nintendo’s other franchises. They usually have clear and defining tones and aesthetics and present themselves as friendly and approachable, while the original Pikmin just opts to be itself.

Realistic Graphics Are Killing AAA Games - Extra Punctuation

Added | Game-Design Perspective

I got reminded of this after seeing an article from KitGuru on how the head of Xbox Game Studios claims that the length of development for AAA games “aren't two or three years anymore.”

As rendering technology continues to advance, graphics in video games can be more realistic than ever. We have lighting systems that can in real time create perfect reproductions of any physical environment at any time of day. A CG sequence of a celebrity performance can, to the casual glance, be indistinguishable from one being filmed in real life, although it might give you the creeps. Triple A video games are displaying unprecedented levels of visual fidelity. And it is fucking killing them.

No, There Aren't Too Many Soulslike Games

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Time is a flat circle, and that applies to pretty much every art form. With video games becoming more and more complex (regardless of genre) and their history and toolboxes growing larger every day, the path forward is often in the past and littered with the rotting corpses of those who weren’t ace enough to get an SSS rating. Experimentation requires sacrifice.

Why Do We Quit So Many Video Games? - Design Delve

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We see more and more as the game industry grows a disease forming: an apathy, staring an infinate library of games but complaining of having nothing to play. But why does this happen? Why is it so difficult to start and then actually finish a game?

What's Continuing to Hold VR Game Design Back? - Design Delve

Added | Game-Design Accessibility

With all of the new insane advancements in virtual reality, it's a brave new world for designers to conqour. But something feels off about VR games. Regardless of budget, they don't quite stack up to the grandeur, comfort, or game feel of other more traditional experiences; and therein lies the problem with tradition.

The Science of Video Game Healing - Extra Punctuation

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...sooner or later a real life simulator rubs up against the one aspect of video games that will never, ever, be truly realistic. And that is healing. You can traumatize your art team by making them render a photorealistic bullet wound in a character’s once handsome face, but then they regenerate like the T-1000 after they swallow an entire bottle of ibuprofen and suddenly the whole futility of the exercise is laid bare.