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When JavaScript Fails

Added | Web-Design

Beyond being an good argument for reducing the amount of JavaScript that's being sent to users, this article also highlights the value of progressive enhancement and the rationale why JavaScript frameworks exist in their current form.

In terms of the experience we provide our users, it’s clear that pages that stall or simply don’t load at all 3% of the time is far worse than pages that refresh the browser window when you click on a link.

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars – Eric Bailey

Added | Web-Design Accessibility

A good, albeit tough to swallow, read on keeping scrollbars accessible. Also see Eric's article on avoiding custom CSS cursors.

The web is an incredible medium, capable of creating beautiful, revolutionary, accessible experiences. There are countless ways to communicate these qualities in an accessible, inclusive way. All I am asking is to temper your excitement with the smallest bit of self-restraint.

More palatable palettes with OKLCH |

Added | Web-Design Programming

Momentum is building in Web Dev World for a relatively new CSS color model, OKLCH, that promises to take fuller advantage of both newer display types and the way our eyes really work. While it’ll be a good while before you can be almost certain a typical device/browser combo will support this color model, proper use of fallbacks will let you safely start using it now in your website.