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Survey: 81% concerned about ChatGPT security and safety risks

Added | Perspective Technology

Our survey showed that an overwhelming number of respondents familiar with ChatGPT were concerned about the risks it poses to security and safety. They also don't trust the information it produces, and would like to see a pause in development so that regulation can catch up. What remains to be seen is whether this is simply a singular moment of anxiety or a trend that will persist.

Secrets of a $182 Billion Chip Maker: AMD's Labs | Full Documentary - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

This tour of AMD's Austin Headquarters features labs from around the sprawling campus, allowing us a never-before-seen look at the tools used by a hundred-billion dollar chip designer.

ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks - The Verge

Added | Technology Perspective

After nearly two decades of fighting for this vision of the internet, the people who believed in federation feel like they’re finally going to win. The change they imagine still requires a lot of user education — and a lot of work to make this stuff work for users. But the fundamental shift, from platforms to protocols, appears to have momentum in a way it never has before.

Checking on my Investment in Person - Framework Laptop Factory Tour - YouTube

Added | Engineering Technology

It's always interesting to see factory tours showing off how our devices are manufacured, and that sentiment remains true here. While in Taiwan, Linus got a chance to see how Compal, a ODM laptop manufacture, produces Framework's laptops while maintaining their commitment to sustainability.

Codename OpenPleb: A non-profit for open consumer motherboard and peripheral standards - Community - Level1Techs Forums

Added | Technology

OpenPleb is an organization founded around accessibility. OpenPleb wants to make the hardware you already own as accessible as possible for whatever software you want to run.

Modular MEGA Case, Wooden Fractal North Competitor, & In Win Design Studio Tour - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

In their recent coverage of Computex 2023, Gamers Nexus got a unique chance to cover In Win's design studio. While part of the video is dedicated to the products being showcased at the time, it also highlights the efforts from the designers and artists behind the cases.

Everyone reports on new computer parts as they're announced, but the minute we walked past In Win's inspirational design centre on our way to the confrence room to cover the new products, we completely derailed the meeting and knew we had to shift the focus of our story to the people concepting, hand building, and prototyping the products right next door and cover their environment instead.

You Didn’t Build your PC… This Did. - YouTube

Added | Technology Engineering

Building a computer is difficult and building a CPU is even tougher.. But building the machines that are used to make a CPU? It takes literally the most bonkers engineering and physics on the planet, and ASML were kind enough to show us how it all works.