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What's Continuing to Hold VR Game Design Back? - Design Delve

Added | Game-Design Accessibility

With all of the new insane advancements in virtual reality, it's a brave new world for designers to conqour. But something feels off about VR games. Regardless of budget, they don't quite stack up to the grandeur, comfort, or game feel of other more traditional experiences; and therein lies the problem with tradition.

Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars – Eric Bailey

Added | Web-Design Accessibility

A good, albeit tough to swallow, read on keeping scrollbars accessible. Also see Eric's article on avoiding custom CSS cursors.

The web is an incredible medium, capable of creating beautiful, revolutionary, accessible experiences. There are countless ways to communicate these qualities in an accessible, inclusive way. All I am asking is to temper your excitement with the smallest bit of self-restraint.