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Why Do We Quit So Many Video Games? - Design Delve

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We see more and more as the game industry grows a disease forming: an apathy, staring an infinate library of games but complaining of having nothing to play. But why does this happen? Why is it so difficult to start and then actually finish a game?

Launch Day

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At 52, I should be cooler. But to this day, launches are a tense matter. Launch day brings out both the sunniest optimist and the darkest pessimist.

Military bases removing names of Confederates - CBS News

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While the report focuses primarily on U.S. Army stripping Confederate generals names from bases, I felt like much of the same perspectives can be applied to the removal of other colonial monuments throughout the world. If nothing else, the opening line puts the issue succinctly.

"What was gauling was that we would still, in this day and age, have names of bases that represented traitors who fought against their country for the purpose of slavery."

Mis- and disinformation studies are too big to fail: Six suggestions for the field’s future | HKS Misinformation Review

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On my attempt to look for the headlines Jreg flashed on the screen at the start of "Disinfo On The Rise!", I found this article which paints the referenced field of research in a more interesting light.

We do not want to suggest that the present state of the field is dismal. It isn’t. But to simply dismiss the critiques lobbied against it out of hand would not be responsible either.

As a sidenote, I'm now thinking that if somebody flashes a headline in a video, you need to ask for the URL.

Artists must be allowed to make bad work - Austin Kleon

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I've often though about how when it comes to modern game development, studios should be given more leniency for making flops. These quotes from David Sylvester seem to reaffirm that idea.

A reluctant return to Twitter |

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An insightful article that highlights some valid reasons why many can't leave existing social media platforms, let alone make their own.

...unless I’m prepared to live off the grid, I have to accept that rich, evil SOBs control many services and products I use and need. Twitter is only one example thereof. That is reality. I didn’t build it; I just inhabit it. Reluctantly.