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Earth’s story is not about dynasties but communities | Aeon Essays

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We created the image of tyrannical dinosaurs ruling Earth. We can just as easily deconstruct it. The process requires returning to the mass extinction of the past, not looking for the victorious and the vanquished but considering how entire communities of living things change in the face of unimaginable disaster.

It's Okay for Art Like Oppenheimer to Make Us Uncomfortable

Added | Perspective Creative-Writing

This discomfort with the presentation of challenging ideas doesn’t just limit artists. It treats the audience as children incapable of grappling with complex concepts. It discounts the space that exists between the viewer and a piece of media, and the importance of letting the audience explore that space on their own terms. A viewer has the option of choosing whether they want to engage with such ideas — ratings and content warnings exist, after all — but the opportunity must exist.

It is art not apps that helps us with our complex feelings | Aeon Essays

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Figuring ourselves out doesn’t need to begin and end with the self, or with the surveilling tools of mental wellness. It can just as easily start by looking at a painting.

Survey: 81% concerned about ChatGPT security and safety risks

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Our survey showed that an overwhelming number of respondents familiar with ChatGPT were concerned about the risks it poses to security and safety. They also don't trust the information it produces, and would like to see a pause in development so that regulation can catch up. What remains to be seen is whether this is simply a singular moment of anxiety or a trend that will persist.

The Charm of Pikmin 1 Lies in How Un-Nintendo It Is

Added | Game-Design Perspective

...there’s a ton of charm in how understated Pikmin is. I wouldn’t say that of any of Nintendo’s other franchises. They usually have clear and defining tones and aesthetics and present themselves as friendly and approachable, while the original Pikmin just opts to be itself.

“the worst they can say is no” | MIT Admissions

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Honestly, I still could be better at dealing with rejection; I don’t apply to jobs unless I’m extremely qualified for them, I get anxious over asking for things I want. But if I ever want to get to anywhere meaningful, I have to confront the risk of rejection.

ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks - The Verge

Added | Technology Perspective

After nearly two decades of fighting for this vision of the internet, the people who believed in federation feel like they’re finally going to win. The change they imagine still requires a lot of user education — and a lot of work to make this stuff work for users. But the fundamental shift, from platforms to protocols, appears to have momentum in a way it never has before.

Resistance | Art - YouTube

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If you're making art that is actually pushing you, then you have to defeat resistance every day and it doesn't even necessarily get easier.

Realistic Graphics Are Killing AAA Games - Extra Punctuation

Added | Game-Design Perspective

I got reminded of this after seeing an article from KitGuru on how the head of Xbox Game Studios claims that the length of development for AAA games “aren't two or three years anymore.”

As rendering technology continues to advance, graphics in video games can be more realistic than ever. We have lighting systems that can in real time create perfect reproductions of any physical environment at any time of day. A CG sequence of a celebrity performance can, to the casual glance, be indistinguishable from one being filmed in real life, although it might give you the creeps. Triple A video games are displaying unprecedented levels of visual fidelity. And it is fucking killing them.

Understanding the Michael Bay Transformers Movies

Added | Creative-Writing Perspective

Spanning that decade from 2007 to 2017, Bay’s Transformers movies stretch across a Hollywood in transition from one mode of blockbuster filmmaking to another. They may represent the last time that a director with that distinct a style was granted that much power over that large a nostalgia property for such an extended period. They’re not great films. They aren’t even good films, but they are strangely important films.

How effective are TikTok misinformation debunking videos? | HKS Misinformation Review

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TikTok has become an important medium, not simply for entertainment but also for conveying information, and this is particularly true among younger people. Hence, studying misinformation interventions on TikTok is necessary to work towards creating better information environments into the future.

Why Do We Quit So Many Video Games? - Design Delve

Added | Game-Design Perspective

We see more and more as the game industry grows a disease forming: an apathy, staring an infinate library of games but complaining of having nothing to play. But why does this happen? Why is it so difficult to start and then actually finish a game?

Launch Day

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At 52, I should be cooler. But to this day, launches are a tense matter. Launch day brings out both the sunniest optimist and the darkest pessimist.

Military bases removing names of Confederates - CBS News

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While the report focuses primarily on U.S. Army stripping Confederate generals names from bases, I felt like much of the same perspectives can be applied to the removal of other colonial monuments throughout the world. If nothing else, the opening line puts the issue succinctly.

"What was gauling was that we would still, in this day and age, have names of bases that represented traitors who fought against their country for the purpose of slavery."

Mis- and disinformation studies are too big to fail: Six suggestions for the field’s future | HKS Misinformation Review

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On my attempt to look for the headlines Jreg flashed on the screen at the start of "Disinfo On The Rise!", I found this article which paints the referenced field of research in a more interesting light.

We do not want to suggest that the present state of the field is dismal. It isn’t. But to simply dismiss the critiques lobbied against it out of hand would not be responsible either.

As a sidenote, I'm now thinking that if somebody flashes a headline in a video, you need to ask for the URL.

Artists must be allowed to make bad work - Austin Kleon

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I've often though about how when it comes to modern game development, studios should be given more leniency for making flops. These quotes from David Sylvester seem to reaffirm that idea.

A reluctant return to Twitter |

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An insightful article that highlights some valid reasons why many can't leave existing social media platforms, let alone make their own.

...unless I’m prepared to live off the grid, I have to accept that rich, evil SOBs control many services and products I use and need. Twitter is only one example thereof. That is reality. I didn’t build it; I just inhabit it. Reluctantly.