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It's Okay for Art Like Oppenheimer to Make Us Uncomfortable

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This discomfort with the presentation of challenging ideas doesn’t just limit artists. It treats the audience as children incapable of grappling with complex concepts. It discounts the space that exists between the viewer and a piece of media, and the importance of letting the audience explore that space on their own terms. A viewer has the option of choosing whether they want to engage with such ideas — ratings and content warnings exist, after all — but the opportunity must exist.

Understanding the Michael Bay Transformers Movies

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Spanning that decade from 2007 to 2017, Bay’s Transformers movies stretch across a Hollywood in transition from one mode of blockbuster filmmaking to another. They may represent the last time that a director with that distinct a style was granted that much power over that large a nostalgia property for such an extended period. They’re not great films. They aren’t even good films, but they are strangely important films.