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Founded while Zepheniah was still alive, this facility now has radio and missile launching capabilities in the present day. The reasoning for territory being undisputed being Mann Co. owning all assets to the building, until their recent development on an Australium based missile silo. Since then, the property has been split in half for both RED and BLU respectively. Capture will result in control of ~50km of land.

Abstract was made during the development of another Team Fortress 2 map as a reality check. I wanted to see if I could develop something - if anything - that was worthwhile to play on, with this map being provoked by feelings that I had been unable to create a solid, enjoyable map. I also developed it with myself in mind; did I enjoy playing on the map? That was the only opinion that mattered regarding the map's design, which was a stark contrast to my philosophy on the other map - that being to gather as much input from others as possible.

What came out was abstract, hence the name. The map is extremely close quarters with it's enclosed size, yet is open enough with its various flank routes to prevent strongholds. I managed to get a few 4's games on the map with friends, which showed that the map was enjoyable to others and worked in a (semi-)competitive setting.

To me, Abstract represents the idea that developers should focus on their ideas first. To others I imagine it's just a weird map, and that's fine. I think its fun to play on, and that's all that matters.

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