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Recall Protocol RP-106-N

Recall Protocol RP-106-N


“In the event of a breach event by SCP-106, a human within the 10–25 years of age bracket will be prepped for recall, with the compromised containment cell being replaced and restored for use. […] an automated hydraulic press (“the femur breaker”) is used to injure the lure subject. The sound emitted by said subject will be transmitted over the site public address system.”

Back around the start of May, I was being encouraged by some friends of mine to audition for a voice acting role. While my line reads were good, there was a lingering question about whether I could yell. Fast-forward a couple of days, and my friend Cocodotts asks me out of the blue to “voice clip of [me] screaming in pain.”

Being an overachiever, I drew reference from the femur breaker scene in SCP: Containment Breach when abusing my vocal cords. Since I didn't know what Cocodotts would be doing with the waveform, I decided on editing the vocals into a proper recreation; if I was going to make my throat sore, those screams ought to be put to use!

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