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Wandering for food in an apocalyptic landscape, a man comes across a self-proclaimed king who taunts them as he tells stories about the beginning of the end.

Rations was created for a university assignment, but leaving it at just that would be underselling it. Part of what makes it special to me is how involved some of my friends got in it's development, with them providing ideas and feedback that helped improve the final product. Beyond that, I feel Rations helped give me a ground work for doing more video editing in the future by two ways.

The first is that this was the first video I made in DaVinci Resolve. As of recent, it's become my main video editor of choice with how robust of a package it is for the low price of nothing. Compare that to VEGAS or Premiere where you have to pay an arm and a leg for a similar feature set. For my needs currently Resolve fits the bill perfectly, and Rations gave me an excuse to play around with the editor and figure out how to use it.

Secondly, Rations helped build my confidence. Seeing friends of mine help out and appreciate what I was making was something I needed. I was fretting for a while since whenever I tried to make a video it would fall apart during editing, leaving me discouraged. Rations helped me make the U-turn away from that mindset.

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