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Sn0wy Direct: Original Soundtrack

Sn0wy Direct: Original Soundtrack


When I was editing the first Sn0wy Direct episode, I found the ending stood out like a sore thumb to me. Not because of how everyone pilled into the stage to say their piece, but rather because of the ending music. For whatever reason, I didn't like the idea of replaying “Beneath the Mask” for the outro, and felt like something else needed to take its place there. It probably didn't help that Cocodotts was playing the track through his phone speaker, which was made even worse by me boosting his volume to 200%.

Honestly, I think I used Sn0wy Direct as an excuse to work on an old idea I had a while back, which was to make a collage of the various songs and melodies used within Sn0wy. It was another idea of mine that I was interested in doing, but simply didn't have the motivation to kick it off. That was the thought process going into “Sn0wed In”, which was intended to be the only song produced for the direct.

Of course, once you start something it's hard to stop, and much like the rest of the direct things went out of control very quickly. I ended up making 3 more tracks for the live event, with 2 short squelches (one of which I extended for the OST) and another full track that served as the backing track for my mental breakdown in the series. And of course, I made sure to include “Summer's Day”, the predominate melody found within Sn0wy, in some form or another.

Pretty much all the tracks on the OST were created for the live event in about a week or less. For the soundtrack release, however, I spent some additional time fixing up some tracks to address some minor issues I had with them. For instance, I ended up refining the baseline to “You Cry Together” as I felt the version that was originally released was a bit too flat in its sound. The only “unique” track to the OST would be “Surrounded”, which I extended further to serve as a reprise to “Sn0wed In”.

Despite having put off releasing it for so long, I'm really proud of what I managed to do with the soundtrack. It's just one of the multitude of reasons that I'm happy about having the chance to work on Sn0wy Direct.

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