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Sn0wy Direct

Sn0wy Direct


Sn0wy Direct was a podcast live show created to give the latest news and host discussions on wallaceprower's web-series called Sn0wy. And by give the latest news and host discussions, I mean spread misinformation and berate Wallace. This was another project I worked on with Cocodotts and Kalil, coming about spontaneously from Cocodotts asking me to record a stage VC he had set up in the Prower's House. I don't think any of us expected this project to take the direction it did, but it was a fantastic experience nevertheless.

During this project, I ended up focusing on post-production for nearly all the episodes. I ended up editing, cleaning up audio, and even composing a few tracks. The biggest focus for me, however, was the editing. It had been a while since I had done any video editing, and working on Sn0wy Direct gave me a chance to dust off those skills and spend time learning to use DaVinci Resolve; my planned video editor of choice. Moreover, I ended up regaining some confidence in my abilities, something that had been lost several years ago. This shouldn't be taken that there wasn't confusion and stress, but most of that came from worrying about what others think about the final result. Once I focused more on how I perceived the work-flow and the end result, I found myself more satisfied with what I put out.

This wouldn't have been possible without Cocodotts or Kalil, however. Cocodotts was an absolute carry for both me and Kalil during the directs with his solid improv and public speaking skills that kept things both moving forward and unpredictable. Kalil created all the artwork that shows up in the background, faithfully emulating the style seen in Sn0wy while also bringing it to a higher standard of quality. He also set the ground floor for the lore we created, which we would end up growing as we added on our own ideas to the mix.

Overall, Sn0wy Direct was a fantastic project to work on. I want to say thank you to everyone who supported it, whether it be on Discord, Soundcloud, or YouTube, as well as to those who contributed to it in one way or another. This was an enjoyable experience that taught me a lot, and I appreciate every bit of it.

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