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Person Meetup (The Site)

Person Meetup (The Site)


I initially wasn't sure about developing my own website. Despite having previously learned about web development both on my own and in university as well as discovering Neocities, it was something that I kept putting off for later. That is, until I saw NetworkChuck's video on making a website. While the rest of the video wasn't applicable to me, I found myself paying attention to the big 3 reasons Chuck gave for making a website; Standing out, making a difference, and creating opportunities.

While I had the confidence push I needed to set out making this site, I was still in university. That meant this idea would have to be set on the back-burner until I had a free moment. I ended up getting that sooner than expected, however, as my university would face a month long strike that started mid February. As soon as my final class finished, I dove head first into getting this site built using the limited knowledge of Eleventy I had at the time.

This website is still an ongoing project for me as I continue to expand, develop, and write content for it. Below are some articles I've written about the various things I learned during this process.

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